My best 2023 stories on Data & AI — Reflecting on my first year of content creation

During 2023, I tried to share my views and thoughts as well as some market trends and pedagogical content about Data and Artificial Intelligence, with a consistent approach.

First, I genuinely wanted to thank you for reading and engaging! This really helps a lot. Feedback is a gift, and getting your feedback, be it through a comment, a (series of) clap or a follow is great! So, Thank YOU!

Second, I wanted to share some statistics.

In 2023, I published 50 stories, almost one story per week.

My stories made a total of 31k views.

The first source of traffic was by far Google (91%), followed by LinkedIn (5%).

Here are the stories with the highest views:

During 2023, my audience grew on Medium, Twitter and LinkedIn.

On MediumI reached the 100 followers milestone in July 2023, and crossed the 500 followers in December 2023. Thank you!!

On Twitter, I reached 400 followers (I had 100 in Jan 2023).

On LinkedIn, I reached 5.8k+ followers (I had 4k in Jan 2023), but also obtained twice the Top Voice Community Badge.

Moreover, my courses on Udemy reached 20k enrollments (and 6700 verified course reviews), which is a major achievement and recognition of the quality of my courses, both part of Udemy for Business collection, and rated 4.5+/5:

I am very keen on getting your feedback! I hope you enjoyed reading my articles, and that they succeeded to bring new learning and different perspective!

Looking forward to an enriching 2024!