According to the World Economic Forum, at the beginning of 2020, the number of bytes in the digital universe was 40 times bigger than the number of stars in the observable universe. 

With data volume and usages growing, the need for data Integration is becoming more and more central topic.

Data Integration is mainly about exchanging data across multiple systems and tools. Aligned with their business strategy, organizations need data to circulate timely and accurately through their information system and the external world (internet applications, trading partners ..)

In this course, we are presenting a complete guide on how to identify your need of data integration, how you can architecture your solutions, execute successfully your projects and manage data integration overtime, all of this in order to bring tangible business value and to support your business.

In more details we will address the following topics around Data Integration :

  • What is Data Integration ?
  • Data Integration Benefits & Business Value
  • Main Concepts & Features
  • Data Integration Paradigms & Patterns
  • Connectors for Data Integration
  • Security and technical architecture
  • Data Integration Projects
  • Data Integration Run Operations
  • Quick Overview of market solutions
  • Data Integration as Enabler for Digital Transformation

This course is intended to be a complete practical guide to help you understand all the aspects around Data Integration.

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